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On the Erie Canal at Schoen Place  

History of The Grain Tower
and Pittsford Flour Mill

Business partners Al Longwell and Mike Newcomb had a dream to turn an abandoned flour mill and grain tower into office space. The dream is complete and The Grain Tower and Flour Mill offer beautiful and unique offices for tenants. 

The Grain Tower was built of concrete in 1939. With the exception of windows and the glass elevator cut through the concrete of the grain tower, the outside remains relatively unchanged, reminding visitors and tenants that it was once filled with grain. The processed grain was then loaded onto boats on the nearby Erie Canal for shipping. The inside of the building has a modern feel with state of the art office space. It features a glass elevator to access each of the 9 floors. Each floor holds 1600 square feet of office space with 10 windows on every floor.

History of the buildings

  • Sept. 10, 1882 - Flour Mill building constructed and operated by Vought and Son.
  •  1915 - Concrete block warehouse built.
  • Jan. 25, 1921 - Henry Perrigo bought the mill along with the Victor Flour Mill.
  • The mill began producing 1,000 barrels of wheat per day instead of the previous 20 barrels a day.
  • The sign on the outside of the mill was repainted to read "Victor Flour Mills"
  • 1939 - Grain tower built.
  • 1945 - Lathrop Green bought the property.
  • 1948 - The mill was sold to the Muller Company of Rotterdam, Holland.
  • 1953 - Ted Zornow bought the buildings for a grain and red kidney bean business.
  • 1996 - The last shipment of beans was shipped in the spring and the mill was closed.
  • 2004 - After eight years sitting vacant, Al Longwell and Michael Newcomb bought the building from the Zornow family with plans for restoration.

In 1882 the flour mill was built and belonged to the Pittsford Milling Company. In 1996 after many companies had used the mill it was left abandoned. Luckily two partners, Al Longwell and Michael Newcomb, had a dream of making the Flour Mill a treasured memory for Pittsford and in 2004 purchased the buildings for renovation purposes. Over the years there has been much construction and change for these buildings and they now serve many companies with office space. 

The Pittsford Flour Mill has gone through dramatic changes since it was first constructed but maintains its original look with six-over-six wood windows, original oak structural pillars, beautiful stone foundation, all new clapboards and the original “Pittsford Flour Mill” on the front of the building.

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